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5.6 Sørvestre Urdadalstind 2080m

Semelholstind full size mapSørvestre Urdadalstind, 2080m, is a small shallow peak on the south ridge of Semelholstind. This peak is easily climbed en route up Semelholstind.

You do not need to cross any glaciers to reach this peak. It is also possible to climb this peak by scrambling up the steep east ridge from the long saddle with Midtre Urdadalstind and this is described as one of the alternative routes for Semelholstind.



5.8 Nordre Semelholstind 2004m

NÝrdre Semelholstind seen from the summit of SemelholstindNørdre Semelholstind, 2004m, is a peak on the north ridge of Semelholstind. The ascent of the peak via its north ridge from Visdalen does not involve any climbing but there is some scrambling with the occasional section being airy if not exposed.

The ascent up this peak from Visdalen via the outflow of Semelholstjørni is described on one of the alternative routes up Semelholstind; via its north ridge.