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Hu.15  Skogadalsbøen lodge to Vormeli Farm
3 hours / 6 or 7km
100m / 350m
Two routes, both unmarked. Possible to combine for a 6 hour circular trip.

Route One

Leave Skogadalsbøen and head south on the path to Vetti and Hjelle (St.1). After 2km, just after the bridge over the river Urdadøla is a fork with a path descending to the west. This unmarked path is not always obvious as it descends quickly through the lush birch forest to the river Utla.

The Utla must be followed for 1km downstream before a permanent bridge is reached and it is possible to cross over to the west side. Once on the west side follow an unmarked path upstream for ½km, crossing the larger Maradøla stream on a permanent bridge to the extraordinary Vormeli Farm, which is partly restored.

Route Two

Leave Skogadalsbøen and head north on the path to Turtagrø (Hu.4), crossing the bridge over the river Utla 2km to the north.

At the junction on the west side of the bridge take the fork to Turtagrø for another ½km where there is a smaller junction and a faint fork to the south. Take this fork for ½km until you reach the Gjertvasselvi stream.

Cross over a natural stone bridge. After the natural bridge the path crosses a boggy area for ½km and then meets an old drove road.

The drove road is unmarked but obvious for most of the next 3½ km as it traverses the birch covered hillside and descends through the abundant forest to the lonely Vormeli Farm in its fertile clearing.