Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Hu.4  Turtagrø hotel to Skogadalsbøen lodge
6 hours / 16km
650m / 730m
Marked in summer with cairns.
Marked in the spring with twig poles.

From Turtagrø walk up the gravel track for 4km until the fifth hairpin bend. Here the path leaves the road, heading up 300m to Ekrehytta. The path splits here with one branch (Hu.5) going up Fannaråken. From this split follow the lower marked path over Skrautehaugane, crossing over the river flowing out of Illvatnet lake. Continue up for 2km to Keisar pass. Descend south from the pass to Gjertvatnet and cross the river near the lake outlet.

Follow the pleasant north side of the river down for 5km into Utladalen. Here you meet the substantial Krossbu to Skogadalsbøen trail (Hu.1). Cross the river Utla on a permanent bridge to gain the east side.

Follow the east side of the river Utla southwards for 2km, undulating through lush birch woods to the idyllic Skogadalsbøen lodge. A marked ski trail follows a very similar route in the spring.