Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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Hu.1  Krossbu lodge to Skogadalsbøen lodge
5 hours / 15km
200m / 730m
Marked in summer with cairns.

Leave Krossbu on the west side of the Bøvre River and head south on the well marked path for 3½km to reach the top of the pass. From here there is a gradual descent down the Vetle Utledalen valley for 3km when the path from Sognefjellshytta to Skogadalsbøen (Hu.2) merges. Continue down the substantial, well marked track on the west side of the river for another 6km.

Here the large river Utla must be crossed on an all year bridge. After the bridge, there is a junction with one path (Ra.1) going upstream to Leirvassbu lodge and the other going downstream to Skogadalsbøen lodge.

Take the path down the east side of the river, traversing up and down the hillside slightly through birch forests for another 2km to reach the idyllic Skogadalsbøen lodge.