Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 metres - James Baxter

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There are 3 routes up to the summit and each of them follows one of the three ridges.

From left Store, Midtre and Østre Ringstind from Midtmaradals ridgeThe south ridge from Vikingskard is the most difficult and involves 6 pitches of climbing with a section of grade VI and much at grade IV.

I have not described this route.

There is a another route up the east ridge from Ringsskard saddle and this apparently involves some climbing to grade III

I have not described this route either but it looks harder than the grade III suggested.

The easiest route is up the west ridge from Gravdalskard and only involves scrambling, and this is described in the main section.

Midtre Ringstind from RingsskardMidtre Ringstind is a very difficult mountain to do solo, as it is pretty much entirely surrounded by glacier.

During the spring it is possible to get to Gravdalskard on skis un-roped, however, the ascent up the easiest west ridge will be steep and difficult, but within the scope of experienced mountaineers, given good conditions.